Videophone and intercom / GSM door stations

Videophony and intercom / GSM door stations

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AB-Matic works with the most reputable suppliers in its sector. AES Global is a renowned partner and offers its products via three network options: via DECT, WiFi or GSM.

DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) is a digital connection and consists of one or more separate devices and a base station. It is intended for indoor use and has a range of 100 to about 300 meters.

If you enjoy a wireless internet connection, you can of course also choose to operate your door station via the wireless internet or your mobile phone connection.

For the slightly more stylish appliances, AB-Matic always opts for the high-quality products from BTICINO.

For the wired videophone and intercom systems, we rely on the high-quality products of INFINITEPLAY, BPT and SKS. For wireless door stations, we opt for systems from the  SRS brand.

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